Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Nature Books ....

Here are my Nature books:

1) "Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification," by Thomas J. Elpel

‎2) "Sierra Nevada Wildflowers," by Elizabeth L. Horn

Jim Andrews ‎3) "Edible and Medicinal Plants of the West," by Gregory L. Tilford

Jim Andrews ‎4) "The Forager's Harvest: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants," by Samuel Thayer

Jim Andrews ‎5) "Early Uses of California Plants," by Edward K. Balls

Jim Andrews ‎6) "Edible and Useful Plants of California," by Charlotte Bringle Clarke

Jim Andrews ‎7) "Common Edible and Useful Plants of the West," by Muriel Sweet

Jim Andrews ‎8) "Discovering Sierra Trees," by Stephen F. Arno

Jim Andrews ‎9) "National Audubon Society: Field Guide to Trees, Western Region," by Elbert L. Little

Jim Andrews ‎10) "Smithsonian Handbook: Trees," by Allen J. Coombes